What to Look for in a Kid’s Party Venue

Finding the right venue for your kid’s party shouldn’t be stressful, but with so many options available, it can be tricky to choose one. This guide is designed to get you thinking about some key factors to consider before making the decision on which venue is best for your little one’s big day. 

Venue Location

The venue location is extremely important as you do not want to host a party so far out of the way that some of your kid’s friends can’t join. 

You should consider how far away it is and whether or not it is reasonable to ask parents to bring their kids, ensuring sufficient parking nearby. Furthermore, it is recommended to choose a venue that can easily be found and distinguishable, which can be by a building with bright colours or by simply ensuring all guests have detailed directions. If clear directions are not possible for one reason or another, always consider a location that is clearly discoverable on Google Maps, Apple Maps or another similar map application, making it as easy as possible to find the venue in question.

Venue Size and Capacity

It is key to know the venue size beforehand so that you can cater accordingly and not end up with overcrowding or guests turned away due to underestimated venue size. The best way to do this is by checking out the venue firsthand, or if this is not possible, make certain that there are clear photos of the space available to you. Some other key factors to consider might be whether or not it is a shared or private space and how long the venue hire will last. By considering all of these factors before hiring a party venue, you will ensure that your event runs smoothly. 

Does the Venue Provide Catering

Knowing whether or not the venue provides catering, which might be obligatory, or if it allows customers to self-cater can be important for any kid’s birthday party. This will be dependent on your individual circumstance, as differing factors like convenience, budget or dietary requirements will play a role in what works best for your circumstances. Some benefits of deciding to go with a venue that offers catering could be the ease of not pre-planning and transporting food. Furthermore, some venues offer very competitive menu options that might actually end up being cheaper than opting for self-catering or using a third-party catering company. 

What Type of Party Do You Want?

When choosing a venue for a kids party, it is important to ensure that you know what type of kid’s party you are interested in hosting so that you find the right place that can cater to all of your needs. There are obviously many venues that are specific to kid’s birthday parties and offer different entertainment, however, there is plenty that you can do with a rented venue space, which has the potential to make your kid´s birthday unique and like no other. 

Are the Facilities Age Appropriate?

Finding the perfect party venue must include the consideration of how age-appropriate it is for your child and their friends. This is important as each age group has specific developmental needs and safety requirements. For example, a young teenager will have different needs to a five-year-old, and a five-year-old will require different environmental stimulation than a toddler. Furthermore, be sure to consider safety, such as heights, seating, sharp corners, etc. You do not want to end up with unexpected sores and bruises on your guests. 

Where to Find the Best Kids Party Venue

One of the best ways to find your ideal kid’s party venue is through word of mouth. By asking friends and family you might be able to find a venue that suits you, or you can use a range of different online platforms that help people find venues in their area. It is no easy task planning your child’s birthday party, but hopefully, with these tips in mind, you will be able to find the perfect venue and location for your next kid’s party. 

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