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The Benefits Of Having Large Item Storage Space

Photo by Kevin Chuang from Pexels

Having adequate storage space in your home is essential for living an easy life and maintaining both physical and mental health. When you start to burst at the seams in your current home, it can be difficult to go about regular life as you’re suddenly wondering how to move around and put things away.

Before you know it, you avoid inviting guests over, so they don’t see the mess, you stop purchasing large items that you’ve wanted for years, and your quality of life starts to hit a steady decline.

Having large storage space to store lifestyle equipment is essential for your life and can even add value to your property. If you’re struggling with this, then keep reading as below we will take a look at some solutions for large storage spaces at home.

What are large storage spaces?

Everyone experiences a time when they need to clean out the closet as it starts to overflow. This just means you need to reorder your seasonal attire and maybe take a trip to Goodwill, it’s nothing major. However, when you start to experience larger storage issues like having nowhere to store your garden equipment or have an extra car that needs housing, these issues can have a real impact on your lifestyle.

Large storage spaces are places like a shed, a garage, or a pool house. They are places where you can store larger items or have extra space outside of your home’s main building that add to the quality of your life.

How to create larger storage spaces

While not everyone has the budget to get planning permission for a pool house or an in-law extension, there are some less expensive and faster options that can give you the storage space you need. Let’s take a look at these below.

External storage

If you’re looking for a place to store a boat, a motorhome or recreational cars, it may be more cost effective to look for a professional storage space off of your property. Professional storage spaces ensure that your assets are stored in the right way and often in a weather-controlled environment where you can be assured your boat won’t go rusty.

One of the benefits of these facilities is that they are staffed and also offer 24/7 security so there’s no need to worry at all.

A shipping container garage

While building or extending your garage often requires lengthy planning permissions and can cause a significant dent in your budget, a shipping container garage can provide the ideal solution.

Made out of Conex boxes or ISO containers, shipping containers provide functional and secure storage spaces that can also double up as a working space. What’s more, they’re also much sightlier than you would imagine and offer a retro vibe to your property.

Choose from many different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, whether that be a large space to house your boat or motorhome, or just an extra space to work on the car.

Self storage units

If you really don’t have the space on your property but managed storage is too expensive, then self-storage units could be a great solution. While it can be difficult to haul your equipment to the storage space if you don’t have a truck, they are a great way to store your larger items out of sight, creating a less cluttered home where you can live and entertain.

Convert a space

If you have extra closets or space in your home that you don’t need, why not consider some home DIY, and turn that extra space into one big storage space. For example, if you have large closets in your bedrooms that are not needed, why not investigate if you can knock through the walls and join them up.

Overall, having large storage space is essential in being able to live a stress free and uncluttered, active lifestyle. From storing sports equipment like your golf bag, a kayak or mountain bikes, to having space to park the cars inside, it all contributes to a greater quality of life.

Written by Marcus Richards

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